Monday, May 2, 2016


Well this week went super fast. The Filipino family all accepted baptismal dates which was amazing! The mom had always been skeptical but we had a lesson on Tuesday night and the spirit was super strong. We just followed up with church and the Gladys Knight fireside, answered the moms questions and testified a ton. Super cool to see the change she has made. 

We taught them the word of wisdom Thursday night and they all had a problem with either coffee, tea and wine but in the end they all committed to live it by the end of the lesson. But they told us that they wouldn't be able to come to church because their family from Calgary... was coming down to San Diego so they were gonna meet them on Sunday there. So we weren't expecting anyone at church on Sunday because our other investigators were sick, asleep, or out of town as well. Then at church just before the bishop got up to conduct the Filipino family walked in! Their family from Canada decided to just come to their house and weren't going to be there till the afternoon. So the Filipino family came to church without us reminding them to! So that was a huge miracle. Worked out perfect too because the mom had missed our plan of salvation lesson last week and in gospel principles the teacher taught the plan of salvation. Awesome to see how things like that work out. Definitely not just a coincidence!

We also did 4 hours of service and an elementary school festival thing on Saturday. The weather is starting to get hot! Gonna have a wicked farmers tan by the end of the summer haha. Working with the Tongan ward is still fun as ever! Most of our dinner appointments are at #1 buffet and Royal Buffet. When we have home-cooked meals they only speak Tongan so I've had to start picking up the language a bit. Gonna take some time.. Haha. I am known as Elder Palangi. Which means white man, or English speaker. They are always cracking jokes! Loving the new area so far. Love you all and hope you have a great week!

 Love Elder Bennett

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