Monday, April 25, 2016


So I am in the Centinella 1st/2nd ward. English and Tongan. This week was quite a bit different getting used to the new area, people and my companion but Elder Lupeni is awesome! Tongans are so funny but hearing people speak Tongan is so cool! We have a few Tongan investigators and part member families so it's a great experience.Right now our current investigators are a Philippino family who consist of a grandma, grandpa, mom, daughter and son. They are all Catholic by tradition and super cool! The Grandma and Grandpa don’t speak much English so the son translates during our lessons. 
We spent much of the rest of the week finding more people. Gotta get more investigators! Which a super cool thing happened. We were trying to find a referral and it was about 8 at night so dark but these two ladies who had just parked their cars got out and asked us if we had an extra Book of Mormon on us. So that was awesome! We got their info and invited them to the Gladys Knight presentation and they came to that, and they came to church yesterday as well! Super awesome. The GK Presentation was suuuuuper cool! We had 7 investigators at it sitting with us and Gladys gave one of our investigators a high five! We got to hear her sing a few songs, and her husband bore his testimony along with Gladys. Spirit was super strong and our investigators loved it!! 
The whole Philippino family came to church yesterday as well. Church was 6 hours long for us.. The English ward went from 9-12 and the Tongan ward from 1-4, then dinner at 5 so the day went super fast. All of our investigators loved church and I completely zoned out during the Tongan ward. Gonna be a fun transfer! Haha oh some funny things, the Philippino grandpa kept clapping during the sacrament meeting songs, I gave our new investigator a Book of Mormon and she gave me a hug right in front of the ward mission leader, and a Tongan young woman kissed me on the cheek haha. I thought it was the custom or something so I let her and all the Tongans just started laughing. So it was an interesting week! Love you all and hope you have a great week!
 ST- The worth of every soul is great in the eyes of God. Each of us are brothers and sisters. Who wouldn't want to have their whole family in the celestial kingdom? So do missionary work :) 
      Love Elder Bennett

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