Monday, May 9, 2016


Well this week was just full of fortifying our Filipino family so not too much to say. The grandparents both got interviewed Saturday night and passed so the baptism is all set for tomorrow! Super excited! Love seeing the change in people. Awesome to see how much of an impact the grandparents are having on the rest of the family. Great examples go a long way! They grandson came to church with them yesterday and he loved it!
As far as our other investigators we had to turn one over to the Lord because of his family situation, and the rest keep rescheduling appointments so that's frustrating. This weeks going to be a lot of finding new investigators! We really only have the Filipino family that we are working with full time. Jenina (the daughter) had a friend who just moved in with the family who is a new investigator and she has a lot of potential! She talked to missionaries before back in the Philippines and she seems super excited to learn! Cool to see the little chain reaction. Virginia (the grandma) is hilarious! Reminds me of Grandma Olsen with all her smart comments haha. We taught the word of wisdom last week and went through the things and she said "I don’t do any of those, and I don't have enough money for drugs so can't do those." Haha and then we were teaching the Ten Commandments and jokingly asked if she had killed anyone and she said "Not yet." So she is super fun to work with!
But that's about it! Not too much else happened this week other than Mother's Day! Always so exciting to skype home and see everyone. So grateful for my Mom and all she's done for me! I definitely have the best Mom I don't care what anyone else says :) haha! Love you all and have a great week!

Love, Elder Bennett

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