Monday, May 23, 2016


 This week went great! On Tuesday we took Virginia, Marcelo and Maggie up to the visitors center/temple and it was awesome! The spirit was super strong and they loved it. I apologize for the short letter and not responding to everyone last week but the members house that we do laundry at/email their wifi was down. But the temple is always such an amazing experience and I always feel better after going. 

Thursday we had a goodbye party for Virginia and Marcelo at the Lambsons (who are Filipino as well) it was super fun and we had Filipino food! Their kids are the same age as Maggie's kids so they all had a lot of fun. It was really hard saying goodbye to Virginia and Marcelo. Probably won't see them again because they have no way to email in the Philippines. We gave them our emails though so maybe one day they might! They are such awesome people and a great example to their children and grandchildren. Like I said before Virginia reminded me a ton of grandma Olsen, in other words she was awesome! Marcelo was hilarious and would always crack jokes. He tried to hook me up with his granddaughter but that's another story haha. They will be an awesome strength to the church in the Philippines.

 Friday we went on exchanges with the other elders in our district and I went with elder Pearson in his area which was on bike! So I got to ride a bike for a day! We all know how much I like helmets.... But it was super fun! It's a little crazy though riding on LA roads with all the LA drivers. Had a lot of members wave to us so that was fun! Had a lot of non members acknowledge our presence as well... Haha.

Saturday we had a Tongan feast at a members house for their daughter who just graduated from university. First time eating a full crab! It was a lot of fun though and it's awesome how much the Tongan people love the missionaries. They had saved us seats at the family table and everything. And I have learned how to eat a lot haha. Which is then followed by morning and night exercise or we would be fat. Sunday was the usual but only Maggie came to church which was frustrating.
Saturday night Jenina, Jules, and Christine all promised they would be there. Just gotta be patient though and keep inviting. Feel like that goes for all missionary work.

Again, this week went great! Maggie has progressed a ton because of visiting the temple. Our lesson. Saturday night we asked them all how they felt about the restoration and they all said they knew it was true, but being baptized would take time due to leaving Catholicism (still talking about the Filipino family) but they said it will happen. Sad to see tradition delay blessings but again patience! That's something I had to exercise this week. Thank goodness for all the days I went fishing and developed it beforehand haha. Love you all, miss you all and hope you have a great week!

ST- Acting now allows God to bless us, acting later delays those blessings. The longer we delay, the more time we give Satan to rob us of those blessings completely.

Love, Elder Bennett

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