Monday, May 30, 2016


This week went very well! We found more people and some of them are very promising! On Tuesday we went on exchanges and I was with Elder Jacklin from Utah. It felt like a super short exchange because we had member splits that night. I took one of the young men with me to see the Filipino family and it went super good! Jules the 17 year old was the only one home so it was perfect. We talked about how he felt about baptism and his questions and the spirit was super strong. In the past couple months I have been making book marks of scriptures in the bible and that support and answer gospel questions. They came in handy and Ezekiel 37:16-19 is awesome to read/explain to people. You see the little light bulb turn on and then watch as they accept the Book of Mormon. So many scriptures in the bible that people over look or misinterpret that can be answered by other scriptures. At the end of the lesson Jules and his mom Maggie both agreed and said they know they will be baptized, they just want to have a sure testimony first so we are helping with that now.

Wednesday we had interviews with President and Sister Weidman for the last time. Amazing how inspired a mission president is in knowing exactly what each individual missionary needs to talk about and what they need help with. Going to miss him with our new mission president coming in June 30th.

Thursday we had a lesson with the Filipino family again and found out that Maggie has been drinking coffee. We talked about the word of wisdom and she kept claiming that she wasn't addicted to it. So I stood up, went and took the coffee after the prayer, and we left haha. She wasn't happy but she came to church today and all was well and she hasn't bought any more! Jules is keeping her accountable haha.

Friday we went on exchanges with our zone leaders and I went to a Spanish area for the day with elder Wheelwright. I got to learn some more Spanish and practice it which was nice! It’s getting a lot better.

Saturday all of our lessons fell through.. It was a lot of walking, driving, and talking to people on the street but we found quite a few new potential investigators!

Sunday we gave 5 min talks in sacrament meeting and the rest of the day we had dinner, and then had a lesson with a recent convert and said goodbye to people! I am being transferred to the Torrance North in Gardena. Also I am now a district and I'm on bike! So that will be fun. Elder Lupeni is staying in the Tongan ward but switching apartments. Big surprise haha. But it was a good week! Gonna miss this area and I'll keep you updated on if Maggie, Jenina and Jules get baptized. 

Love you all!

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