Monday, March 7, 2016


Well for pday we went to a park and played soccer/bball which was super fun! We had a talk black guy ask me if I would play him in 1 vs 1 but our mission has a rule that we can only play with other missionaries.. So that stunk. Wish we could! Then we went back to the branch building and said our goodbyes, then went to Justin's and Desirays, and Elder Stevens said his goodbyes. We found out Desirays main concern and it's leaving her church. She has mixed feelings about abandoning it. So that's going to be tough to resolve. If anyone has a scripture, talk, video, anything that could address that let me know! 
Today Elder Clarke got here early in the morning then we said goodbye to Elder Stevens. Elder Clarke and I went and got a bunch of cleaning supplies and deep cleaned the apartment this morning and it feels so much better! Celestial. The kitchen was nasty before. Then we went to a few appointments that fell through but we met some super awesome people! Went to a referral and he wasn't home but his brother was and we got a return appointment with him and taught a short lesson! Also while we were walking a lady pulled up beside us and asked if we would pray with her and then asked if we would please come teach her and her son! So cool! Saw Justin and taught him the restoration again and he is super excited to go do baptisms! Elder Clarke is awesome by the way. Super funny and our personalities are almost identical! Gonna be an awesome transfer. 
 So today we went and met with the lady who stopped us yesterday to say a prayer, we taught the restoration and she accepted a baptismal date for March 27th! So cool. We also found a referral who is super prepared and another potential who is golden! Gonna be setting a lot more baptismal dates throughout this week. Elder Clarke is awesome at talking to people! I've learned a lot from him already. Super awesome missionary. We then had Correlation meeting which went really good! Brother Beltran gave his usual "Beginning of transfer" rant/motivational speech haha. He is so awesome! This transfer is gonna be 7 weeks long and our branch (3 companionships) has a goal of 7 baptisms! So gonna we are pumped to go and do! It's amazing the miracles we have seen in just these past two days. Main thing we need to do now is get members out with us. 
Well today was crazy. I had a senior companion training at 12-2, the Elder Clarke had a MLC training from 2-4, then we had to drive a few missionaries home who were on bikes, then had weekly planning, dinner, and by then it was 8:00... So we called referrals/potentials and got a few appointments set! Hopefully tomorrow we can be out working all day. Felt super tired after all the meetings and being in the car. Bonus is I started my jump program again! Hopefully that will help me stay in shape haha
Well my legs were dead today from my jump program haha. Felt like an old grandpa walking around. We had district meeting this morning and afterwards we made Desiray a birthday cake! Then we went and street contacted/found referrals and had a good time! Elder Clarke is hilarious. It's a party! We had to go to get a mini missionary down near Hollywood but he cancelled on us! So that wasted a lot of our day, then we went to see Donna and that went pretty good actually! Then saw Desiray, gave her her cake and sang happy birthday. We got to talk with her mom and sister and they really opened up! Gonna take all 3 of them to the visitors center next week. Gonna have to move Desirays baptism back a bit. She's so close! 
Annnnd my legs were dead again today. We had a lesson with Justin again today and had him teach us the plan of salvation! Went super good and he is pumped to do baptisms for the dead! Then we had an awesome lesson with a couple name Desere and Kenneth. Taught the 3rd lesson and they both accepted to be baptized on the 27th! It was super cool. Then we went and had a quick lunch at a restaurant called "Church's Chicken" and had 3 people start talking to us! One said she was a descendant of Joseph Smith and had been meeting with missionaries before, the other grew up Mormon and the last one was a guy who was super interested! Got all their info and told them where the church was. We will see what happens! Then we went around finding potentials and referrals. Super tired. Stake conference tomorrow so been trying to get rides for our investigators! Guess we will see how it goes. 
Stake conference was really good today! Only Desiray was able to come to church though. She really liked it! All went well. We are going to move her baptismal date back 2 weeks. She says she wants to shoot for then. She says she wants to know more first. Afterwards we went out with Brother Beltran and tried to see a few less actives and potentials but didn't have too much luck. But we went and saw a new investigator and set a baptismal date with her! She is an awesome old lady. Completely understood the need for the correct authority. We set a total of 4 baptismal dates this week. Gonna be teaching lots of people all week so gonna see more and more miracles! Man we are just super tired. It was a great week though! Excited for this upcoming one. 
Well we just got rained on this morning. Actually had thunder and lightning! Stopped raining now but lots of clouds. About to go play basketball/soccer at the church! Hope you all have a great week! 

   Love Elder Bennett

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