Monday, March 28, 2016


This week was really good! We met a lot with all of our baptismal dates and we got into contact with a family that we kinda lost track of last week. Also found another family who is Catholic but they accepted us in and said they had always wondered what our message was. Taught them and they all accepted baptismal dates! Super cool. The moms step mom was Mormon so she always felt a connection with it. They basically just go to church because the Grandma makes sure everyone goes. We did our best in all our lessons to emphasize coming to church and when Sunday came around we had 6 investigators awake and ready to come! But only 2 did. So that was frustrating but the 2 that came are solid and will be getting baptized on the 10th! So that's awesome. We haven't been getting fed very well in this area because it's a small branch and there are 3 sets of elders. But the weather is nice! The people are funny and nice! And we teach a lot so the mission is awesome. 

Having a lot of success and all is going well! Not too much has changed. My knee is feeling 100% so all is well! Hope you all have a great week!

 Love Elder Bennett

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