Monday, March 21, 2016


This week was awesome! We set a few more baptismal dates and had a lot of super powerful lessons! I forgot to mention that last week at church we had a crazy homeless guy show up who walked in, walked to the front sideways chanting "Peace, peace, peace" showing peace signs. He tried to get up to the pulpit but our branch president had to escort him out. Good old memories in the SWLA Branch! 

During the week we got a referral from our branch president and she was super prepared! She had been to church a lot and wanted to be baptized! Basically all we have to do is teach her the lessons and she’s good to go. 

All of our investigators look solid! We were expecting a ton of people at church!.. But no one came. We don't know what happened! We talked to them all on Saturday and they all said they were excited to come and would be there! But no one showed up. So that was rough. That's gonna be our main focus now is getting everyone to church. Otherwise they can't progress. Hope you all have a great week and all goes well!

  Love Elder Bennett

 ST- Agency. As missionaries we can do all we can to help people progress, we invite them to church and remind them. But it all comes down to them choosing to come. It's the same for all of us. We have church leaders, Apostles, a Prophet, parents all teaching us what we need to do to attain happiness but it comes down to us choosing to do it. Act!

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