Monday, March 14, 2016


      So this week I was again super tired at night so not gonna write a book this time haha. We had an awesome week though! We set 6 baptismal dates so almost 1 a day! Been meeting more and more golden people! The struggle is getting them to church. We had 4 come to church which is the most this branch has seen from our area but our goal is to get 10 at church by the end of the transfer. 

      We had a crazy Sunday morning though! We went to our investigators house to wake them up for church and they weren't going to be able to make it and as we were leaving the lady downstairs starting cussing at us and them and saying a lot of rude stuff for no reason and our investigator is a security guard and he came out with a handgun and they were yelling at each other so we just basically ran away haha. Went to church and just before sacrament meeting they called us apologizing for everything and so we asked if they would come to church again and they said yes! So our branch mission leader went and picked them up (A couple and 2 kids) and brought them to church! And turns out Kenneth (the dad) already knew Brother Beltran so that was super cool. They loved church and said they are going to come every week! 

      We got a mini missionary named Kevin on Friday who stayed with us till Sunday evening. He was super cool! Got to drive him and 2 others back to Palos Verdes at 5 o'clock. During the week we met a lot of cool people. We got a referral and went to her house, she invited us into the backyard and she was from Rochester New York, had gone to the hill Cumorah pageant, and wanted very badly to read the Book of Mormon! Super golden and we set a baptismal date with her for the 10th of April. We have seen a ton of tender mercies like that of finding super prepared people. Now we just need to capitalize on it and get them baptized in a few weeks!

      Elder Clarke is a party. Easily my funniest companion haha. We are exercising every day so hopefully I'll get back into shape! I'm loving the mission and just grateful each day that I'm out here. Love you all and hope you have a great week!

   ST- In missionary work we should always look at non members as our brothers and sisters. We have the responsibility of sharing the gospel with our "siblings" who are ready to receive it. That's been a huge focus in our mission. Find the prepared people. Hope you all will reach out to a person this week and try to plant a seed! Pray to know who it is. 

   Love Elder Bennett

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