Monday, February 29, 2016

WEEK 24 • 6-month mark!

  This morning we went to the Soriano's and picked oranges from their tree. We do our laundry at their house and email while waiting for it. They are a super cool family who are all converts to the church. For P-day we went to a park that has a indoor soccer sized court but outside, bball hoops and a tennis court. Super fun! Did that all day. Afterwards we went and got ice cream, then had dinner, then visited some potentials and called others and set appointments! Crazy how fast this transfer has flown by. Plus next week is my 6 month mark! Still feel like I just got out of the MTC haha
Had my first quarter training this morning.. Feels so weird to be 1/4 done! The training was really good though. Talked a lot about how we need to keep our greenie fire haha. President told us that the diligence we have in obeying the white handbook with determine our diligence in keeping our covenants after the mission. Thought that was interesting. We met with a few of our investigators today and the lessons all went super well! On the street we met a guy and I introduced the Book of Mormon to him and I had one in my hand, he asked if he could look at it so I handed it to him, he asked how much it costs and I said it's free and we kept talking as he thumbed through it, got his info and he walked off with the Book of Mormon. It was our last one.. Whoops! Hopefully he reads it haha. Spent the rest of our day visiting potentials and referrals. Elder Stevens and I are getting quite the collar neck tans haha
This morning started off pretty fun! We were early for an appointment, so we started street contacting and came across a drunk lady and her brother who liked to talk a lot haha. The lady just went on and on about how it wasn't a sin to kill and all this crazy stuff. Wouldn't let us walk away they just kept following us! Eventually we asked if we could say a prayer then leave and we told her we fold our arms and she wanted to hold hands for the prayer and because we said we fold our arms then she went off about how we must be racist haha. 'Twas a good time! Not haha. Then we had a really good lesson with a new investigator and set a baptismal date! Saw Justin who wants to go to YSA so we are figuring that out, then we street contacted, visited some potentials,  then had correlation and that was it! Felt like the day was a blur. Oh and we met another drunk guy before going in for the night. Such a sad thing to see people turn to an addiction to make themselves feel free. Satan is so cunning! 
Had a few appointments fall through this morning, then we had weekly planning, went and visited our investigator, Desiray, and we asked her if she was praying with curiosity, or with real intent. She said she felt it was with more curiosity. It's easy to explain what real intent is and why it's so important, but as far as them gaining real intent, we can't do much other than bear testimony. So that's what we did. Amazing how the spirit is truly the teacher. By the end of the lesson she admitted she hadn't really been trying hard in her prayers but committed to be sincere from now on in them and test out Moroni's promise. We are taking her to the visitors center tomorrow so we will see how it goes! For dinner we went to Jack in The Box and a homeless guy started talking to us and he was a little crazy. Didn't make much sense. He followed us to our car when we got our food and then when we got on the road and were turning right, he came running at our car and tried to punch the side. So that was kinda crazy. Always making memories haha.
From 7-1 o'clock we did temple service. Just trimmed bushes, raked leaves, used a leaf blower and cleaned up the place! Was a fun time! Then we went to a lesson with a potential investigator. We had just met her on the street the day before. The lesson went really well for the most part! She accepted a baptismal date for March 20th! Then we went and saw Desiray and that went really good too. We didn't get to go to the visitors center though because no members could drive us. Talked about the gifts of the Holy Ghost and she said she really wanted to have it! She tried praying last night after writing her essay but fell asleep during the prayer haha. Oh and I found out that Zaya, my investigator back in Hollywood, did get baptized! The Sunday after I got transferred. 
This morning we went to the baptism of the other English missionaries. We gave the missionary moment while she was getting changed. It's super cool because she is the daughter in law of Sister Lindo who is a convert of 3 years and the rest of the family are converts as well except the one son who got married to Zuly (one that got baptized) and so now he is going to get baptized. After that we went and saw Justin who is super excited to receive the Holy Ghost and get his priesthood interview tomorrow! The branch president said he is going to call Justin to be an usher. Then we had district meeting, then went and visited with some investigators at the park and answered their questions. Hard because one guy he believes all Christian churches are fine. That it doesn't matter which one you go to. We explained it really well but he wouldn't accept the one true church idea. Then we saw our new investigator and set a baptismal date with him! He said "Why couldn't the Book of Mormon be true?" And "Who wouldn't want to be baptized by the correct authority?" So he is golden. Then saw Desiray who can't come to church tomorrow.. :(. Other than that it was a good day! Hoping to have a bunch of new investigators at church tomorrow. 
Justin got confirmed this morning! He also passed his interview for the priesthood! Church was awesome. We also had an investigator come to church who we hadn't even met in person yet so that was super cool! Had lunch and then had no appointments so we went and talked to tons of people all day. Walked for 3 hours straight.. But it was worth because we found a few solid people! Had dinner then went and contacted a few referrals and then tonight transfer calls came... I am staying here and my new companion is Elder Clark! Elder Stevens is going to Palos Verdes which is basically his old area. Same building and everything. Crazy! I'm also senior companion now and driving again.  But yeah that's it! Crazy that the transfer is over already. Feel like we just got to this area haha. Gotta still work hard!

   ST-2nd Nephi 32:8-9. I think we can apply it to more than just prayer. We can apply it to all teachings. We know what's right. So Do It! Don't idle your time away. 

 Love you all!

Elder Bennett

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