Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 5

Man the weeks fly by.. Mixed feelings about my visa coming because I've already grown to love the people here! Gonna miss them. Excited to see Jocelyn in the MTC though! Gonna be weird going to the MTC after 6 weeks of being in the field but that's ok! This week was hit and miss. Had some good days, boring days, half good and half bad days. We just had so many appointments drop it was frustrating! But each time we were spent and didn't know what to do we said a prayer, and within a half hour in were at someones home sharing a message. Thank goodness for prayer!! It's become so real to me how prayer is literally speaking with Heavenly Father and how asking sincerely always brings blessings and answers. We seriously would have had 0 success this week without prayer.

  I got a hair cut on Monday for a lady in our ward and I made no bake cookies to pay her haha. Pday we played bball as usual with the rest of the zone which is always fun! I'm staying in great shape contrary to what everyone says about missions haha. Doing my 30-minute workout every morning makes a huge difference but morning workouts are hard haha. 

  Had a ton of strong spiritual experiences and dinner messages, especially at FHE with a family. When anyone bears their testimony the spirit instantly enters the room. We did get a potential new investigator here in Strathmore from tracting which is sweet! On the doorstep I testified that our message would bless his life in numerous ways, etc., and he agreed to meet with us Monday night! So we will see how that goes. Out on the reserve our appointments got dropped and moved to this week, but we reactivated a less active which was awesome! Elder Elliott was prompted to call her and she invited us over. It went super well and she bore her testimony. She watched all the sessions of conference! She hasn't been to church in over 6 months and she said she never wants to miss another week. We also saw a less active man and he asked us to give his son a blessing. His son has been sick for the past week. Elder Elliott gave it and I did the annointing. The spirit was super strong. We got a call for a sister in our ward that night, who is also native, and she wanted a blessing too. I gave that one. I was nervous but I remembered how blessings are from God so I just said what came to my mind in the moment. I thought it went well and she thanked me afterwards. Just a great blessing and experience to be a missionary!

   We dealt with some anti people this week and with some less actives who have been looking in to anti mormon books. Arguing gets you nowhere haha. With people who are unwilling to doubt their doubts, you just have to bear you testimony. A testimony speaks to the heart, and is the only way to help those people change. I saw that happen this week twice. 

  Conference was so good! Loved Elder Lawrence, Nelson, and Bednard's talks! And President Monson's talk was sooo powerful. Amazing to see him so weak, yet still testifying with all his strength of the truthfulness of the gospel. He is a great example. We got one of our investigators to watch the Saturday sessions with us! She said she loved it. Went to Chili's with the elders in the zone before the priesthood session which was super fun! Elder Hopoi is excited for me to meet his family. He says "We Tongans eat like no other, so if you're hungry just go to my house and say I sent you." haha I love Elder Hopoi! I hope he comes to Magrath. 

   Remember the things that stood out to you this conference. Pray on how you can improve and work on building your testimony each day! If you feel you don't have a knowledge of something, pray about it. "Not with curiosity, but with a sincere desire" - James B Martino. 
Stay strong! This is the only church on the earth with the fullness of the gospel. So live the commandments and standards we have! True happiness will always be the result. Love you all!

   Love Elder Bennett

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