Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 7

      Well it was a sad day saying goodbye to my companions. Especially Elder Elliott. Gonna miss that guy. I was picked up from district meeting by Elder and Sister Pepinger. Flew out by myself which wasn't stressful at all surprisingly! Took a cab to the MTC with a Mexican elder who didn't speak english very well so that was funny. My companion is Elder Taylor form Las Vegas and he is 6'4 so that's humbling haha. He was super sick on Friday and Saturday so I didn't do much those two days. The sisters and elders in my district here are amazing! Elder Griffin has also served in the field already, he's my district leader. Our zone leaders are Elder Toki and Elder Pearson. Elder Toki and I are pretty much best friends. He is Tongan and is from Hawaii and we just get along so well! He has made it his goal to spread the word that i'm Canadian and am the coolest elder here so now whenever people see me they say "Elder Benneeeeeett" so I'm feeling the love haha. 
      The MTC has been great so far! I've learned so much in 6 days it's mind boggling. Main thing I learned this week was the importance of the Book of Mormon. If we gain a testimony of it then the rest of the gospel falls into place. I'd like to challenge anyone that reads this letter to find a time this week to pray about the Book of Mormon and promise that if you do so with a sincere heart your testimony will be strengthened. Even if you have already done so, do it again! It's helped me grow so much. Love you all so much and I'm excited to be in LA next week! Don't know if I'll be able to write because I fly out on Monday. 
  Love Elder Bennett

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