Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 4

   This week was we did a lot of service the first few days. Our district didn't have a district leader yet because Elder Fullmer was leaving and on tuesday night our Zone leader Elder Christensen called us and asked us to put him on speaker phone. He then asked me to be the new district leader for this transfer. I said "uhhh sure why not" and then he said "Ha! Just joking man!" He got me so good haha my companions said the look on my face was priceless. So no not a district leader. Elder Thompson is our new district leader and Elder Fullmer is a new zone leader in Cardston.

   On Wednesday we picked up our new companion Elder Bachman. He is super quiet and shy but he's a super nice guy. He's from Pocatello Idaho, same as Elder Elliott, so that's pretty cool. They didn't know each other because Elder Elliott lived in a small town called Aberdeen just outside of Pocatello. 

    We had a lot of success this week. A family out on the Siksika Reserve asked us to come and teach one of their daughters who said she was interested. We taught her the first lesson on Wednesday and the second on Sunday. She said she wants to get baptized so are going to set a date on Wednesday. Super cool how she was so accepting of everything we taught! We also got 2 referrals from a less active lady that we go and visit so we knocked on their doors and they both were super interested! We taught the lesson to the one lady and she said she wanted to read the book of mormon, gave us her # and asked us to come see her again on Wednesday and teach her more! The other referral was a guy who is catholic and while on the doorstep when we were talking about who we were, I felt the need to get my book of mormon out of my backpack and promise him that if he read it and prayed about it he would know it was true. He smiled and promised he would do what I had said and have questions for us the next time we saw him. He asked more questions about what we believe in and he told us he wants us to teach him more! We are going to visit him on Wednesday also. It's amazing how that little prompting to testify of the Book of Mormon lead to his interest and desire to learn more. Just another example of how we should always act on promptings!

    I'm having so much fun out here with my companions and the members. Just saw Vince Harker at church and met Gary Morton (Parker Cliftons uncle) this week. I'm known to some of the members here as the terrorist because my visa still hasn't come haha. We are getting closer to more members and got some referrals from them this week. Mainly all less actives. It's really hard to find new investigators here in Strathmore. Tracting has gotten us nowhere. All of our lessons come from help from the members. That's something I feel that Magrath needs to work on. Get to know everyone and work on introducing them to the missionaries! Be brave and just do it haha. Oh, and to make me feel better about being here, one of the innactive guys we go and see said, "You're not the missionary that Strathmore wants, but the one that it needs" (Batman voice) hahaha I'm loving it here and learning to love the people here! Just hoping to go to LA before winter hits haha. Stay strong and keep doing the little things! Say your prayers, study the scriptures and go to church! Doing the simple things is what keeps our testimony strong. 
  Love Elder Bennett

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