Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 6

Crazy to think this past week was my last in Canada! It was sad saying goodbye to everyone. Again, it's just crazy how I've come to love it here in such a short amount of time! Gonna miss the people.

This week went really well! We got to visit with our new investigators out at Siksika and it all went good! Got a new investigator here in Strathmore even! The girl out in Siksika that we have been teaching is going to be getting baptized on her 10th birthday so that's exciting! On Sunday my companions spoke in church out at the Gleichon branch. I spoke on prayer and the holy ghost and I felt like it went well haha. We were all supposed to give 10 min talks and not going to say who but one of my companions gave a 5 minute talk so we ended kinda early haha. But it was all good! We had an oreo test this week with the missionaries in the zone. And of course they are all Americans and voted that American oreos are better... I disagree!! I can't stand American oreos haha. 

I'm excited and sad at the same time to be leaving tomorrow! My back has been hurting me quite a bit though this week and they haven't been able to find me a chiropractor so hopefully there is one at the MTC! Didn't really have a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving haha. The house we were at decided to just have turkey wraps which was good but just wasn't the same. Kinda short on time with it being a holiday and can't really think right now! With it being my last pday here, the zone leaders and a couple other elders are coming to Strathmore and will be here soon! Just been thinking a lot this week about Larry R. Lawrence's talk on how we need to pray about how we can improve. I've tried it out and it's helped me a ton! Stay strong and keep doing the little things! 
   Love Elder Bennett

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