Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 1: First Letter!

Alright so I'm in Strathmore! Joined two 5'6 missionaries named Elder Fullmer and Elder Elliott. Yes, I've been cracking the short jokes! We are already great friends and we all get along great! Elder Fullmer is from Bountiful Utah and Elder Elliott is from Aberdeen, Idaho. Elliott is super funny and plays basketball! Hallelujah! Fullmer reminds me of Morgan. He's always quoting disney movies, monty python and nacho libre! 

The work in Strathmore is rough. When tracting, every door opens and says "No thanks" and closes, or says "We already believe in Jesus" and closes. But we also go out to the reserve in Gleichon. I placed my first book of mormon there to a lady named Nikki and we are going to go see her. Mostly what we do is visit inactive and less-active members and share a thought with them. We are teaching a girl named Shanice who wants to get baptized but wants her family's support. Her parents got offended by something a few years back and are quite anti now.  Also, there is a girl named Kaylee who is getting baptized when she turns 18. Her parents are similar to Shanice's but nicer haha. 

I've met tons of people with ties to Magrath! Walter Dudley is the stake president? (I think that's his first name) Danny Dudley is in the ward along with his mom. There is only one ward in Strathmore. Also Kathy Harker's daughter lives here. The first night I was here we got called over to give brother Clark a blessing. His name is Fredrick Joseph Clark and Grandma taught him school in the Calgary 3rd ward! He said he loved her! His wife is Bill's aunt (Bill and Anette) So many ties! 

Just  on a Saturday a girl who was 22 passed away in the ward in her sleep. She had health problems but death wasn't a worry so their family is in shock. The funeral is this week. We went and mowed their lawn Saturday morning. So the ward is pretty gloomy right now but their family bore their testimony at church! 

I’m loving the missionary life! Its so much fun just talking to anyone you feel you can approach haha. Weird how as soon as I got my name tag it suddenly just feels normal. Yes, it feels weird serving here in my home mission but I know I'll find some people that need to hear from me in particular. My testimony gets stronger each day and it's cool how natural it feels to bare it now. This week has been so much fun! (minus the cold rain this weekend) My companions are sweet and I'm so glad I'm here. Love you all!  
  Love, Elder Bennett

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