Monday, April 18, 2016


      This week was pretty cool! We had 3 new investigators come to church today! They all said they loved it and said it was awesome because it wasn't a "hootin and hollerin church." We spent the week talking about the temple with Peter and Monica getting them prepared and learning about family history. They are both super pumped! Peter doesn't think they will be able to find any of his ancestors because he is from Haiti but we will see! Also an interesting thing happened. The other
elders in our district had 3 investigators who were getting baptized and one of them asked me to baptize her! She had a pretty tough name but I got it first try haha. They are from Belize and just moved here.
      Peter and Monica both got confirmed today as well so it was a great end to the week and transfer!

     Speaking of which, transfer calls were last night! I am going to the Centinella 1st and 2nd ward. It's a English and Tongan ward and the Tongan ward feeds us every night... So I'm really gonna have to exercise haha. But it's awesome! My new companion is also Tongan and his name is Elder Lupeni. Gonna be sweet! Still have a car so my record of not going on a bike is still going strong haha. I'm excited though and I'm still in the same zone so I'll see the same elders here and there.

      But the mission is going great! Loving the areas I'm in and the people are fun to work with. Love you all and hope you have a great week!!

     ST- Jesus said, that if we love God, keep the commandments. But he also said If we love Him, feed his sheep. Sharing the gospel is one of the ways we can show our love for God and how grateful we are for our Savior.

  Love Elder Bennett

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