Monday, November 30, 2015


      Well, this letter gets to summarize what happened in the past two weeks! I wasn't able to write last week because my companion had a doctors appointment for his knee. A lot has happened in the past two weeks but the main things are that we got 2 new investigators, put 2 on date, and many of them came to church! It's been awesome! But our one investigator that was supposed to get baptized didn't come to church. He has sorta fallen off the map. We weren't able to see him all this week. So that is a work hopefully soon to be in progress. I am having so much fun! It's so easy to love the people here. I am teaching such a wide variety of people. Tongan, Jamaican, Philipino, Mexican, Samoan, and East Indian!! It's so much fun and such a great experience.

      We had a cool tender mercy a few days ago where we had an appointment at 7 PM but got there 20 mins early because traffic wasn't bad! We decided to walk around the block. We came across a lady who had just stepped out of her house with her dog and talked to her and she told us she felt that we were representatives of Jesus. We got her number and address! She also said she had a husband and son she wants to be taught. So cool! We also got a call and it was a less active who wanted to come back to back to church and take the lessons again. We went to see her and she brought 2 friends to join in on the lesson who both came to church on Sunday! Amazing! And our other investigator and her member boyfriend are going to get married in the next 2 weeks so that she can be baptized! So many tender mercies. We see miracles happen every week. It's such a great experience to be an instrument in the Lord's hands. I'm loving it! Thank you all for the letters and emails! Love and miss you all!

      ST - Think of someone who could benefit from the knowledge of the plan of salvation. It brings peace to everyone.

      Love, Elder Bennett

Pictures from Thanksgiving. It was chicken... haha

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