Monday, November 2, 2015

Weel 9: Finally Arriving in LA!

      Ok so I didn't get to write last week because I flew to LA and today was crazy busy because I had to go take a drivers test and also had to get a hair cut! I'm in Hollywood of all places and I'm in a trio again haha. My companion is Elder Nimori and we have Elder Adcox with us too who is a visa waiter. He leaves next transfer because his visa came already. I don't have much time to write because LA traffic is terrible but I'll try to sum up the past two weeks the best I can. 

      So going back to my last week in the MTC. Elder Taylor my companion he rolled his ankle on Tuesday so he was on crutches all week. A seventy came and talked to us Tuesday night and Elder Griffin knew him so I got to go with him and get a picture with all three of us so that was cool! Had a lot of fun teaching investigators in the MTC and one of them was an actual investigator and she really liked us and said she learned a lot from us and said that she would email us if she got baptized so that was cool! I met a sister Hinckley from Calgary who went to Aberhart. Also met an Elder Nelson who was a grade older than me and he went to LCI. I played bball against him in grade 10. He knew John Brewerton. 

      Said good bye to my district on Sunday night and woke up at 2:30 am Monday morning, took a train to the airport and flew to LA! Went through all the orientation and went and street contacted for 3 hours with Elder Coleman. That was super fun and we had a ton of success! Went to a member's house that night and slept there, then Tuesday got my companions and went to Hollywood! This mission is quite a high-baptizing mission. Our mission has an average of 40 baptisms a month. We will probably be having 3 baptisms this month in my ward - all converts. We are always either teaching lessons, contacting refferals or less actives. Crazy busy! Loving it though. Our ward mission leader is an actor and he plays basketball every night with famous viners so that's pretty crazy. It's amazing how wicked Hollywood is, yet every day we find someone that's been prepared to hear our message. It's awesome! 

      Had a crazy experience where I felt like we needed to go into an apartment complex and talk to someone, so we did and there was only one lady there. We introduced ourselves and she was super interested! Taught her the first two lessons right there. Following promptings always brings blessings! The members here are awesome and our bishop is so cool! One of our investigators attended church on Sunday and we just met her on Friday. She said she loved it! Our bishop asked me and Elder Adcox to speak next week so kinda nervous for that. Weather is awesome and I'm having so much fun! 

      ST (Spiritual thought)- Gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Our entire religion depends on it. If it is true then we have a prophet on the earth today and all the standards, commandments and rules we follow in the church are directly from God. Never forget that when you question a standard that the church has set. Love and miss you all! My letter next week will hopefully not be so rushed. 
   Love Elder Bennett

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