Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 10

      So this week went by super fast. I'll just go through each day and talk about the cool little tender mercies we had. On Monday night our dinner appointment got cancelled so we went to burger king because we had some coupons. While we were eating, the guy that took our order came and talked to us and said he was a member but has been inactive for years. He asked us where the church was and what time it started and said he would be there on Sunday. He came! So cool how the Lord makes things happen so that we go where we are supposed to go.

      On Tuesday we had new missionary training with our mission president all day which was super good. On our way back we got stuck in LA traffic for 1 1/2 hours and were late for dinner but it worked out and we taught our investigator and the lesson went super good! She said that she felt everything we said is true but she wants to get an answer from her prayers. We tried to explain that maybe that good feeling of what we said was true may be her answer but she said she still wants to get a good feeling after a prayer. I think she is ready and if it's her time she will get and recognize the answer.

      Wednesday we spent all day updating our area book and planning routes for our ward to go on this Saturday for our find-and-invite activity. We make a route of less active families of about 4-6 and our members go knock on their doors, talk to them, and invite them to our Thanksgiving dinner on the 21st! It was super successful. Did street contacting also. Again we found people that were interested so it's so cool!

      Thursday we got to go to the temple which was amazing. It's so peaceful there and all the stress and thoughts in my mind were calmed down. I love going to the temple. Elder Nimori felt super sick after the temple from driving so much so I got a lot of time to do personal study which is thee best! We went to a less active's for dinner and he is awesome. He has a drinking problem but he came to church on Sunday and we have seen a huge change in him! I spoke in church on Sunday on the missionary purpose. He came up to me afterwards and said he was touched by my talk and thanked me for it. It made me realize just how important church is. We receive answers we didn't know we had or needed.

     I went on exchanges with our zone leader on Friday after zone training meeting. His name is Elder Guerrero. Super cool guy! He was a Spanish elder though so all of our appointments were in spanish so I just smiled the whole day haha. Cool experience though! In one of our lessons with an investigator, Elder Guerrero felt prompted to move his baptismal date to this Sunday instead of next month and the investigator accepted! Follow those promptings.

     Saturday we had our find-and-invite activity, which I already mentioned. Our ward contacted over 100 less actives in 1 hour. We had hamburgers afterwards so that's always good. Spent the rest of the day street contacting, knocking on less actives doors, and inviting them to the Thanksgiving dinner and contacting referrals!

     Sunday I gave my talk, we had a bunch of less actives come to church, our district leaders had 2 baptisms, and we had a new investigator come to all 3 hours! This week was great.

     Spiritual Thought - Practice making your prayers more sincere. Pray about all aspects of the church so that your foundational testimony will hold against the fiery darts of the adversary. Satan is throwing everything he has at each of us because he knows these are the last days. We need to all hold strong to what we know is true and stay or get back on the path. Love you all! 
   Elder Bennett

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