Monday, January 30, 2017


Well I'm back on the mission! It was so cool flying over top of my old areas on the plane and seeing the temple. Was a lot different when I first came out haha. A senior missionary picked me up from the airport (Elder Bangeter) and took me to the mission office. The APs then took me to the church just behind the mission office to meet my companions Elder Guerrero and Hicken. We are in the Mar Vista ward which is pretty close to the beach! The members are super cool and rich haha. We have a really nice apartment that pretty close to the mission office so we don't live in our area which is kind of annoying. Lots of traffic... Which is really the worst thing by far about this mission haha. Met a Ted Ellison who apparently knows the Brewertons? So that was pretty cool.

We have mainly been doing service these past few days for Elder Wright who is from Edmonton. Set up a new apartment for some new senior missionaries and moved some stuff into my soon to be apartment. I'll be taking the other half of our ward next transfer and replace the sister missionaries that are there right now. We have a really sweet investigator name Ranjit who is Hindu. We teach him at the visitors center and he is progressing really well! Has been to church once and has accepted baptism so it's sweet! Had dinner at the stake Presidents house yesterday and he remembered me from stake reports (my last report with him was the day that I left my iPad on top of my car haha). I'm loving it so far and it's great, weird, fun, exciting to be back!

Love Elder Bennett

Monopoly deal!!
View from senior missionary apartments.

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