Monday, September 26, 2016


I am so sorry but I didn't have any time to write a weekly letter. It's been a crazy week. 

The past few weeks my stomach has been killing me. Finally contacted a nurse, did some tests and I am lactose intolerant. Can't drink milk at all, it makes me throw up, and anything with milk in it makes me constipated. Lactaid doesn't work on straight milk, only suppresses things like cheese, yogurt, and icecream. Also I lost my ipad. So I have to buy a new one. Put it on top of the car after a stake report, and drove on the freeway. Didn't realize till we had gotten home, sent missionaries to look for it and couldn't find it. Tried find my iphone but it doesn't have data or wifi so can't find it. Have to buy a new one so I'll need a card # sent to me. 

It's been a great week missionary wise, but a hard week on me. Somewhat depressed i guess but I'll be ok. I'll talk to you more about it next week! Love you so much Mom! Tell Dad and the fam I love them too and tell Bry thanks for the videos! 

Love Austin

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