Monday, August 22, 2016


Monday- We went and played basketball at the Inglewood stake centre with the lawndale and Inglewood zone leaders. Was really fun! Played a lot of 21 haha. Afterwards we went to dinner at our recent converts house and had steak and mashed potatoes . She's an amazing cook and professionally bakes so she had cookies for us afterwards! Then we went to brother Terrells house. His wife and 2 boys aren't members and his wife just recently gave the OK for us to teach them and baptize them. So they are getting baptized on sept 17th! Ages 9 and 12. The 17th is also the youngest ones 10th bday so it's gonna be super special! They are both crazy smart in the gospel and have been coming to church almost their whole life. We asked them why they wanted to be baptized and they said "so we can get the Holy Ghost and have a friend throughout our lives!"

Tuesday- I had my 2nd quarter training (still hasn't hit me yet that half my mission is gone...) which was really good! Got to look at the goals we had set 6 months ago and reset new ones for the next 6 months! President and Sister Haynie are awesome. In the role play we did I didn't have a partner so I got to role play with president which was intimidating but super cool! He's amazing. Then we had a very long day of finding in Compton.. Knocking on doors, street contacting, meeting crazy people. Then we saw a less active and a recent convert named Romeo! Sadly we found out he started smoking again so we are working with that. Stopped by an investigator who we haven't seen in a while because his family is super anti other religion (Catholics) but he said he's coming to church this Sunday! So that was a nice way to end the night.

Wednesday- We woke up at 5:45 to go do service at the temple for the morning! It's always fun doing service with a bunch of other elders. Me, elder Maberry, Knudsen, Kang, Dapp and Shultz all worked together digging up plants, transplanting them, and digging new holes for new plants. My days in the garden came in handy! Haha you can definitely tell what elders didn't do yard work haha. Afterwards we got to eat at the temple cafeteria! We then went to Carson and tried to find a bunch of potentials there. Found a few and got return appointments! Had a cool experience where I felt like we should go check on a Japanese member who has cancer. We went over and she said she had been feeling great after her chemo, and had hoped we would come by. Said she was preparing to get her patriarchal blessing and prayed the missionaries would come explain it. Her husband isn't a member so we are slowly working with him.

Thursday- Both our morning appointments cancelled so we did our weekly planning, then did service for an investigator who is moving to Wisconsin! Helped her get everything of her attic. Afterwards she fed us dinner and we taught her the plan of salvation! Went really good. Her husband who was kinda sitting in the backround (Inactive Lutheran) commented that he was very impressed with how Christlike Mormons are. How they are 24-hour Christians and not just the missionaries. Said if he decides to come back to organized religion, ours is the one he will look into.

Friday- We went to the USC institute building for district meeting and then exchanged with the Chinese elders there. Elder Hou came with me to our area. We had a super awesome day! Very busy with appointments. Taught 2 lessons, 1 member present lesson and a new member lesson. All after 3! Set a baptismal date with our investigator named Rocky. He’s a 6"7 dude who's super shy but awesome! Has 6 kids. Then we went and saw a former investigator who has been studying to be a Methodist preacher so that was fun. He seemed quite sincere actually and we just bore testimony of the BOM to him and he committed to read it again and pray about it. Then we saw Misha and taught her the plan of salvation with a member. Went super good! She had some good questions about the fall. Thank goodness for the BOM which explains it perfectly. Then we saw Romeo and taught him the POS too! Very busy day.

Saturday- Exchanged back in the morning and had a pretty rough day as far as appointments. All our morning appointments fell through. Finally had our first one at 4 with Napoleon our eternigator. Then had dinner at Denny's! I love Denny's haha. Rest of the night we went and visited less actives and non progressing investigators. Not too much
has changed!

Sunday- Best Sunday ever. We had 9 non members at church! New record haha for me at least. We had 6 of our current investigators come, and then 3 members brought their friends! Super cool. Met all of them and will be meeting with them in the future. Then we met with Maimai our RC and taught her the commandments, had lunch and left for LA stake reports at the Westwood building. Soon as that was done we drove back for dinner with our ward mission leader, saw a less active and an investigator, then went to the church to get transfer calls! Elder Maberry and I are staying together, but we are moving apartments. So we basically both have to move all our stuff across Gardena. They are bringing in 2 new elders to cover the west so now I cover the east. Which is Compton, and Carson. Woo! Haha don't worry Mom it's not as bad as all the stories (at least as a missionary) haha. So yeah that's about it!

Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Bennett

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