Monday, August 1, 2016


Monday: we played basketball all pday, then went to see some less actives after dinner!

Tuesday: Was awesome! We had gotten a referral from an investigator (who can't get baptized at the moment but wants to) so we had a lesson with her! Her name is Ishimini. We had 2 members come, along with Napoleon (eternigator), ishimini's boyfriend and her sister! So 8 of us were there total! Had an awesome restoration lesson and all 3 of them accepted a BOM and are excited to read! Then we exchanged with the zone leaders and I went with elder Lara (from Spain) and saw a potential named Adrian. He's 16 and we met him on the street a couple weeks ago when his sister hit a tennis ball of the fence into the street right beside us. So in the lesson we were just talking getting to know him and he mentioned how he was raised Catholic but hi always felt there was something more and disagreed with a lot of things in the catholic religion. As we went through the restoration he just ate it all up and when we quoted the first vision he had tears in his eyes. Said "I've been searching for this. I know it's true." We invited him to be baptized on August 21st! He accepted and has been reading a ton! Only concern is his catholic family. It’s a work in progress but he's super prepared!

Wednesday: We had a lot of appointments fall through but had a good lesson in the evening with Edwin. He's going through a lot of challenges at the moment and feels that he needs to get it all figured out first then he can focus on baptism. Talked about the promised blessings and he agreed to prepare to be baptized in August. He came to a baptism with us on Sunday!

Thursday: Weekly planning, then had a great lesson with Charlotte! She talks as if she knows she's gonna get baptized haha. Says she plans to bring her other half along with her (husband). Had dinner with a member in the ward who is awesome! She made us blueberry pie for dessert but the top of the pie was cobbler... Sooooo good! Mixed it with icecream as usual haha.

Friday: We had DM but found out we weren't supposed to because of interviews! But it went really well! Didn't have a dinner so it was a cheat day and we went to in and out... But it was super good! Haha had gift cards from a member. Saw Edwin again but not much has changed. So doing well but not much progress.

Saturday: Was a full day of finding! Found a few people and also went to an investigators sons birthday party! They rented a bouncy house just for him. Had it all to himself haha. Walked a lot.. Kind of a "bleh" day. It's getting so hot here!

Sunday: Church was super good and we watched the missionary atonement video and then discussed it. Some really good points were brought up! The thing that stood out to me was that missionary work requires us to be selfless. It's a work that isn't for us, it's for others. Hence why missionaries are told to lose themselves in the work. After church we had a lesson with Walter (Methodist) and he has read 1st and 2nd Nephi already! He's enjoying it and said it all conforms with the bible so far. He hasn't had any red flags come up. Taught the plan of salvation and it was interesting that he had never thought about the pre earth life before. He was mind blown to see the scripture references in the
bible towards the three kingdoms. Says he is going to specifically pray to know if it's true or not. Then we went to a baptism with Edwin which went super good! Had some awesome refreshments afterwards. Was a great week!

I'm doing great and am surviving the heat so far! Now that it's August that might be another story later on haha. Definitely have a wicked farmers tan. Love you all and have a great week!

Love Elder Bennett

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