Monday, July 18, 2016


Well this week went super fast and it just seems to be getting hotter and hotter.. Thank goodness it's not humid but being on bike compensates for that haha. I've definitely gotten used to being sweaty in a Sunday shirt haha. This week went really good though! Transfers came and went, elder Hutchinson and I are staying together another transfer so same old! First time I've stayed with a companion. 

We had a really good week with some awesome lessons! Can’t remember if I mentioned them already but one of our families has a dad that’s Muslim, brother who is Christian, and a mom, daughter and brother in law who are Catholic. Our lessons get intense sometimes but are always super good! It's been a cool experience as they debate against each other over religion and we pipe in and solve it haha. They are just an awesome family though and they love us so much that they had us over for dinner Friday night! Had lasagna, breadsticks, salad and strawberries/cheesecake cream for dessert. Then had a lesson afterwards. Shared the plan of salvation and the Christian brother said "I'm mind blown right now." The Muslim Dad said "I'm reading the Book of Mormon tonight" and the other three all said they feel that it's all true haha. Spirit was super strong and they all felt it. Amazing as we bear testimony of eternal families and the POS that the Holy Ghost touches everyone who hears. It was the first thing I gained a testimony of. The Muslim dad and Christian brother enjoy listening but as far as baptism they won't hear it haha surprise surprise. But Rebecca, Phelina, and Ryan (Catholic) are all open to baptism and said they will pray about it and are open to it once they feel ready!

We also have another investigator who is a Methodist and very smart. Old guy but is a retired English professor. We brought one of our members who is his same age and also very smart and man did they got along well. Taught the restoration and it went great! Last time it was just us and we offered him a BOM at the end and he just said “no thanks." This time he asked us for one. The restoration really grabs people's attention if they listen with an open heart.

As for other events this week, when we were riding home late one night i went over a curb that I didn't see, I stayed on my bike but my toe smoked the curb so hard that it almost put a hole in my shoe haha. I was sure my toe would be broken but it's doing ok now haha. We also did a transition lesson with the YSA sisters. We had an awesome investigator named Tony who was 23. We set a baptismal date with him for the 14th of August just before we handed him over so it will be cool to see what happens! And I got a flat yesterday, and elder Hutchinson's front tire got slashed so it was a rough sabbath haha had to walk a lot!

Overall I'm doing great! Loving the mission and my testimony gets stronger each day! Love studying the scriptures now. FYI there are 516 verses in the New Testament supporting the godhead, 141 being in John. Sad that people still get it mixed up! Makes the apostasy just that much more evident. Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Bennett

Scripture- Alma 40:11-12

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