Monday, July 4, 2016


For Pday we had to run around a lot and pick up things. Elder Hutchinson had to do a few errands and we didn't get to the church till around 1. Played basketball with Elder Lupeni and the ASL elders. Also played a game called chair soccer which was really fun! Btw if all those who email me could email me Sunday morning, that would be awesome because I can read your emails Sunday night and pre write.
After Pday we had dinner at a Hawaiian families house, then went and saw our investigator Edwin who is preparing to be baptized on the 10th. It was super cool as he talked about how he felt at church. Says he just feels a peace as soon as he walks in the building, and the rest of his day always goes better. When he prays about baptism all he feels is a good feeling! We are going to take him to the visitors center on Friday. We then biked home and got home at exactly 9:30 and our apartment was about 95 degrees! I'm gonna have to get used to the heat before I'll be able to sleep good at night haha

Well it was my birthday! Don't feel any different. Still a teenager so I guess nothing has changed! Does feel weird to think that without the age change, I would be just going out now. Don't know what I'd have done this past year if I'd been home haha. This morning we went to find a referral that we had gotten, got to the apartment building and none of the doors were marked. And there were about 60 apartments...
So we were in the courtyard debating if we wanted to tract the whole building when a guy walks out of his door, and says "Are you looking for Tony? Because that's me." Haha so he invited us in! He has talked with a number of missionaries on the street before but finally decided he'd give them his address and listen. The lesson was powerful and he had tears in his eyes as we shared the first vision. In his prayer at the end he asked God to help him find all the truth that he knew was in the Book of Mormon. He super sincere! Then we met with our investigator Napoleon who is cohabitating and trying to move out. He has come to church for the past 2 years every week. Just doesn't have the money to move out! Then we saw a less active named Andy who just recently sold an app to a company for 18 million dollars... He always tries to tempt us into driving his thunder bird, charger, corvette and porche haha. But we haven't given in! Then for dinner we ate at the Vanisi's who are always helping us with the flat tires we get. Brother Vanisi is awesome! They bought me a cheesecake from kings Hawaiian, and gave me a card. Awesome family! It was his birthday on Monday and we got him a card. It was a great day! Other than the 3 gun shots we heard as we were getting into our apartment. Good old LA!

In the morning we went to our wards bible study at the church. We had a few recent converts and investigators there and it went really good! Afterwards we had lunch, then I went on exchanges with Elder Monger who is in the ASL program. He is 90% deaf so it was tough to communicate but he is awesome! We spent the day visiting less actives in their branch and we even went to long each because their boundaries go part way into that mission haha so I left my mission! Then we went with the branch president to see an investigator who's nephew is deaf. He has a ton of questions like our investigator Marquel. Things like "Why did Moroni take the gold plates back?" And "What archeological evidence is there of the Book of Mormon people?" And "How does he differentiate between us and the JWs when they claim they know their book to be true through the power of the Holy Ghost?" So it was a fun lesson! Haha but we tied it back to read, ponder, pray and president Sutton bore a powerful testimony. It seemed to catch Michael (the investigator) of guard as president Sutton bore testimony and the spirit just flooded the room. He accepted the invitation to read, ponder and pray after that! Then we went and got subway to end the night. Crazy that we now have a new mission president!!

This morning we went to the "Meet the President" meeting and met President and Sister Haynie! They are from Washington and turns out that sister Haynie is a Peterson, who was born in Magrath, grew up in welling and taught school in Magrath? So that's crazy awesome! They said they both have visited Magrath many times. They are both awesome and they have an amazing spirit about them. They both bore their testimonies to us and it was just so motivational! President Haynie has met a ton of general authorities, from Spencer W Kimball, to Henry B Eyring. They are gonna be great. We then had lunch, did weekly planning, had dinner at our ward mission leaders house, then visited a few less actives! One quote from sister Haynie that stood out to me was "We need to have a current testimony. Not one that happened with a spiritual experience long ago, but one that has been reaffirmed regularly." Amen! Haha

Had no district meeting today because of the meeting yesterday. We were supposed to go to the temple with our investigator today but he didn't get back to us! Wasn't picking up his phone, or texting us back. So that stunk. We ended up making a route of potentials and less actives to walk to so we could get some street contacting in. Didn’t have too much success finding, but then a car pulled up with an African American couple in it and they asked us if we were LDS missionaries. They then asked "Could you please come and teach us? Our address is ...." Then drove off so that was awesome!! Definitely a tender mercy. We then had dinner at the Parkes, then street contacted some more. We found a guy from Mexico who hasn't seen his family for 20 years. He has been living in LA and has been just sending the money he makes here to them. He was super excited at the idea of eternal families. It was a good day! Got 2 new investigators, and a few new potentials.

Our first 3 appointments fell through today... So that was frustrating! But then the ZLs texted us to meet us at the church and get our mail and I finally got my birthday package! Woo! Which definitely made the day awesome haha. I'll admit it was pretty rough getting it back to the apartment on bike.. But worth it! We had an awesome experience though as we went to see a less active who we hadn't met yet. I called her on the phone to see if we could come by and she said "Well sure but I'm going to another church." So I said "Sweet we will see you tomorrow at 3!" So we went over, and she had invited a friend over to listen as well who isn't a member. It was a little awkward at first, but they warmed up to us quick and we started talking about the Book of Mormon. She got baptized 20 years ago, and said she knew it was true then, and so we asked her how she knew, and she said she felt the spirit when she prayed about it. So we then asked her what it felt like. And she couldn't remember. We then talked about how Satan is always trying to make us forget spiritual experiences, or brush them off. It was like a lightbulb turned on in her head and she said, "So I need to read and pray about it again to feel the spirit again." Plus Rudy (the friend) had some good questions. He is Catholic and has met with missionaries before but said he felt enlightened this time. Said he learned a lot and felt something different. Told us as we left "Don't think you wasted your time. You helped both of us. And now we can spread the word as well.” Miracle!

Fast Sunday was great! Testimony meeting was awesome. Had a lot of "different" testimonies but they were sincere and the spirit was there! We then went and visited a guy who is a literature teacher, and Methodist preacher.... Quite daunting as we listened to him explain his accomplishments, but it was amazing as we bore testimony his attention became focused and you could tell he felt the spirit. Amazing how the gospel can excite the minds of the most intellect, and the most unlearned. After that we had dinner at the Lee's and she made apple crisp and had vanilla icecream!! My favorite (well peach is but close enough). Then we went and saw a less active who bore his testimony today. We had a lot of people today tell us his testimony touched them. He fell away from the church after highschool, but came back when his wife joined the church. It was a great day and a great week! Hope you all have a great 4th of July!

Love, Elder Bennett

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