Monday, March 6, 2017


For pday last week we hangout with sisters for the first time haha. The rule with our mission now is that we can but there has to be and odd number of companionships. So there were 4 sisters then me/elder Taylor. We went to a place called fishermans village which was pretty cool but a bunch of the shops were closed that had the cool souveneirs so that was a bummer. There was one place that was selling hand made stuffed animals and the cheapest was a tiny sea horse for 60$... So we just looked haha. Then we went to a Japanese food court which was super good! Got a giant beef/rice curry bowl for 6$. Then went to get milkshakes at honey boba which was super good. For dinner the Tapps took us to a suuuuuper nice restaurant called the warehouse. Seriously the cheapest thing there was 20$. I ended up getting a Mahi mahi which was super good. Flash back to deep sea fishing in Hawaii! The restaurant was right on the edge of the Harbour and apparently is quite famous because there was a bunch of pics on the wall of celebrities that go there regularly. John Wayne had been there! So it was pretty sweet. Got some complimentary developed pics taken of our table so I'll have those when I come home haha.

Was a pretty slow day. We had to drive the other elders around a lot. When we finally got to our area the zone leaders called for a surprise ZLC (zone leadership council) so we had to take the other elders up to the VC for that. Then we had dinner at the Larsons and sister Larson is from Iran and cooks suuuuuper good Persian food. But just before dinner our bishop texted us and told us that one of the eternigators in our ward was moving named Nataliya. So after dinner we went to her place with some members and moved her out. She is from Ukraine and is moving to San Diego. Has been coming to church for 2 years and has tried to get missionaries to see her parents but it's a war zone right now so the missionaries got taken out. She's going there to visit her parents before she moves and plans to give them a Book of Mormon.

Weekly planning then did service for brother Larson who then took us for dinner! Went to California chicken cafe which was soooo good. Had ward correlation then went on splits to find less actives. I went with brother Gardner and we found a couple of members.. Both weren't very nice haha but we did find our investigator Casandra and got an appointment for Saturday which is super good! She has been to church 2x and loves gospel principles. The class is taught by the ward mission leader/missionaries who are all guys in their 30s so it gets pretty fun sometimes haha.

We knocked doors the whole day... Had dinner then went on member splits! We went with brother Mcmurtrey and found quite a few less actives! One of which was a lady who opened up the door and said "How did you guys find me.. Again?" Haha she wasn't interested but was very kind and her mom called our bishop the next day and thanked us for reaching out to her daughter. Amazing how many people move here to "hide" from the church. We have found a few that are open to coming back though.

Had ZTM, then worked the area. Just another day of finding. Haven't had a lot of success with the potentials in our area book as they have no info or just say "they were nice." Have yet to find someone actually interested. It's a pretty tough area as there are hardly any people in the streets unless you go closer to the beach where most are tourists or aren't religious at all so it's a good time haha.

Was a great day! We finally had a lesson with our investigator Casandra. She is super cool and has a little boy named Anthony. Her Dad is awesome as well and loves missionaries but works Sundays so considers himself exempt from having to go to church but pushes Casandra to go haha. Casandra has a ton of potential and we have a return appointment for Tuesday!

Casandra came to church! She loved it and Anthony even went to primary during gospel principles. Bob was at church as well. Some big news is that brother Mcmurtrey got released as 2nd counsellor and is now our ward mission leader! So that's pretty sweet. Had dinner at his place to top the day off and he and his wife are super cool! His wife does car movie stunting and has coordinated the car scenes for fast and furious and is currently doing all the car scenes in the TV series "modern family". Then we hit potentials from 6-8:30 and we found 4 people that accepted return appointments! So that's super cool. Probably felt bad for us because elder Taylor was shivering so bad in the 55 degree weather haha. I still haven't climatized. It was a great week and I'm loving it! I'll send all the pictures from last week.

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