Monday, February 13, 2017


So this week was transfers and went down to the Torrance stake center to get Elder Taylor! He's awesome as ever and we get along great! Nice that he's not on crutches anymore like in the MTC haha. So we opened up a new apartment and it had 0 furniture except for beds. No utensils or anything so we had to go to another elders apartment to cook our food. Finally got everything on Thursday and spent the day unwrapping everything and putting it all together. It's a pretty small apartment but has everything we need. Just wish it was carpet instead of hardwood haha and the shower head is 5"6 which is rough haha. I'm 6"2 and elder Taylor is 6"6 so it's a party! We are a little intimidating in the streets haha.

We have been having some good success though! Since we whitewashed the area we didn't know any of our investigators or what they looked like so we had to be introduced to them at church by members haha but we texted them before hand so they knew we were elders now. The area is great and very rich! Went and picked up dinner from a member who lives by the beach in a giant apartment building with a water fall wall and valet parking. Elder Taylor and I both agreed we suddenly feel very unsuccessful haha. Our ward is part of a new initiative where the ward gives us a list of all the less actives that they know nothing about and we go try to find them by knocking their door, their neighbors and the apartment manager. The ward goes on member splits with us each wednesday and Thursday night which is awesome. I forgot my adapter for my camera so I'll send pics next week! Love you all!

Love, Elder Bennett

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