Monday, June 6, 2016


So I got transferred to the Gardena 1st ward and am in Torrance! I'm on bike and am now a district leader. My first few days on bike I’ll be honest.. It was rough haha. Just no endurance! And it feels like the wind is blowing the opposite direction no matter which way we go haha. But this area has been great! It's been getting up in the 80s and being on bike it feels like 90s. The rough part is that I’ll probably be on bike for at least another transfer in this area so bike during the summer here I come! My companion is Elder Hutchinson from New Hampshire and he is super cool! He is 26 and has been out 4 months. We get along great! We have a baptism coming up this Saturday for a girl named Maimai who is 10! She is Samoan so there is gonna be a feast afterwards! Also I met a member named Brother Matalei who served his mission in Samoa. He said he had a companion from Alberta Canada named Doug Broadhead who wrote a song called mesisamoa! Small world! Told him I grew up with his son who is on a mission in Australia. Also in my last area I forgot to mention that Brother Lambson served his mission in the gulf states and knew an elder Bly from Alberta Canada!
As far as the work goes we are just busy biking everywhere trying to find all the potential investigators we can and set up appointments! It's been pretty successful so far. We have found a bunch of people and set a baptismal date yesterday with one! The ward is awesome and they are mostly 40+. Lots of old people which works because they are all retired and can come out to lesson with us! Haha we get fed every night too so it's sweet! I'm alive and well and only my nose has been burnt so far!
Some cool things that happened were we saw a car hit a fire hydrant. The person was fine but the car was totaled. Plus the fire hydrant started spraying water about 30ft in the air so I'll send some pics!
I'm doing great and having fun! Love you all!

Love, Elder Bennett

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